Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ellis first performance!! sweet

Last night was Ellis' singing debut! It was the sweetest performance I have ever seen, and I even shed a little tear watching my little guy up there singing his little heart out, and doing all the little hand motions...aaaaahhhhhh
Auntie Marcy came, so it was CJ, Garrett, Marcella and I sitting on the edge of our seats wondering what our little man would do. He didn't disappoint with some moments of picking his nose, standing up with another group that was singing when he wasn't supposed to, and blowing raspberries at his little friend. Quite the character! CJ got it all on tape for posterity sake, so I'm sure we'll pull it out on his graduation day or maybe rehearsal dinner at his wedding...way to go E, we loved it!


Vanessa said...

Oh man, the pictures are priceless! I cant wait to see the video, especially since he was picking his nose... its funny on vacation everytine he picked his nose I told him ewww dont pick your nose and his excuse EVERY time, "I need a tissue." Which is funny cause i just so happened to have some with me since dad and penny put it in my stocking along with other "travel stuff". Funny how the little things come in handy so much...

Jess said...

My cousin is sooo sooo cute I can't believe it!!!