Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Saturday, Open House, Party, Basketball

Hello all...haven't posted in a couple of days. Saturday was fun. Busy, and fun. A run down of the day. We started with getting the boys up and ready before Auntie Marcy and Grandma came over to babysit. CJ and I went to scout out a new preschool for E, which is closer to the new property. Loved the school, loved the teachers, now we have to wait to see if we get in. It'll cost us a small fortune, but well worth it if E gets a good education base to take him through life.

Then we were off to Angelica's 7th birthday party. All were there, except for Nessa. We missed her. Fun family party, and Mama Lou made amazing food that we all chowed down on. I've posted pictures of the kids on a slide show to the right.

Lastly, we watched the Cougs try to move up on the national rankings by beating Oregon. Chris got lots of playing time, and we were cheering him on like crazy. They almost beat them, came down to the last few minutes and then overtime. Watching someone we know play like that, reminded me how much I miss watching the girls participate in their sporting events. As the boys get older, I think I'm going to be one of those crazy sports mom's. You know the one's that are at all the games, you hear her over everyone else's cheers, wears the jersey's...come on, you know the ones! Can't wait...

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