Sunday, January 14, 2007

I have no words, ok maybe a couple

We had it, all we had to do was go another 13 meesly yards...Josh would have done it, he would have won it for us with a field goal. But no. Done for the season...dang it.

I guess all we have to root for now is the Cougar basketball team...go Chris! ;)

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Vanessa said...

Atleast the seahawks made it into the playoffs... which is more than gradnpas raiders can say :-) sorry grandpa! Anyways... we can all cheer for chris and cougar basketball cause even though they lost to standford Ivory told me they are still 21st in the nation! Then next thing you know it will be mariner season and we can all attempt to get back into baseball!!! I think its been awhile since we were glued to the TV watching the mariners :-/... then next thing you know we will all be cheering for ellis and garret!!!!! Cause I think we all know they are gonna be the next manning brothers... well if dad has anything to do with it!!!