Saturday, January 13, 2007

The wait begins! (another one of many, that is)

Yay...Yes, and hooray! (can you tell I'm a little bit excited)...we finally, yes, finally submitted our house building permit to the county yesterday. Armstrong is telling us it will take four months to get through the system. I'm really hoping they are wrong and it will come through much sooner.

Since the house is being pre-fabbed, they will start actually prebuilding the house in Auburn two months from now, take it all apart and then truck it over to the property when we get approval. VERY EXCITED...I just reminded CJ how much I am done with waiting. I just feel like I'm stuck, waiting. I can't cook the way I want to in this rental house, I can't do any of my craft stuff because we are living out of cardboard boxes, essentially. Very frustrating and it's taking a toll. We have been in this rental for a year now. I was hoping to be in the new house by now, but alas the higher powers didn't want it that way. So now, in my mind, I'm shooting for moving Labor Day.

We went to the property today to check out how much snow it had gotten. It was beautiful and very quiet. CJ's FJ Cruiser handled the gravel roads and incoming roads very well. He has people actually stopping him and asking about that truck. It's a cult like following we are beginning to realize.

So, check out the new counter I have added to the blog here, we'll see how long it takes for us to get approved for building and how long further till we MOVE!!! Yah baby...2007 will be a good year. Kisses...

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