Monday, February 5, 2007

From the mouth of a 3-1/2 Yr. Old

I'm just cracking up. Today I continued with an ongoing struggle trying to get Ellis to not play with my cell phone. He's very technically minded, even for a three and a half year old. And can you blame him to want to touch it with all its interesting noises, lights and photo taking abilities?
So my cell phone just rang again. CJ was sending me a text message saying he was going to be a little late getting home. Ellis jumps up from what he was doing...probably tormenting Garrett...and sprinted across the room trying to grab it before I did. I said; "Ellis please don't touch the cell phone..."

Ellis flops down on the ground in complete protest, looks at me with his scrunched up face like the world is cheating him, and says...."

"Mom, I think it's time I got my own cell phone..."

I'm not kidding, that's exactly what he said to me. Oh my, what are we in for when he turns 16?

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