Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mum!

(Ok, I'm editing this post, because my niece let me know that Mum's birthday is actually on the 3rd, not the 2nd....I'm embarrassed...sorry Mama.)

Since tomorrow is February 3rd, it would have been Mum's 82nd birthday!

I like this picture of her, she looks cheeky! I took this many years ago when I was still living at home. I was trying out a new camera or maybe it was just a photography assignment, anyway can't remember exactly, but I like it. It shows off the sass that she had. And check out those glasses, huh?! What was with those HUGE lenses in the 80's? I know I had a pair too so I can't say much.

Happy Birthday Mum, have a glass of Southern Comfort for me. I love and miss you. Kisses, the last of the litter.

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Dana said...

I am so happy to see you mention grandma's birthday because I couldn't stop thinking about her on the 3rd! I wish she was here to see my son!