Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey all, Happy Valentine's Day. I know I'm a day late posting this, but oh well.

Here's the picture of the day. Ellis and Garrett were goofing around at the table. Ellis likes to do the "oh, stinky feet....oh stinky feet!" routine on Garrett. It makes Garrett giggle.

CJ and I also went to the WSU - UW basketball game. It was kinda cool to be the vistors against all those Husky fans. CJ, Marcella, Kirsten and I all yelled our lungs out. AND WE WON!!! Chris didn't play, unfortunately, but still very fun to watch the game. Alrighty then, off I go to do what us stay at home moms do....everything! Kisses to all.

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