Tuesday, February 20, 2007

searching for zzzzzzzz's

Insomia set in last night. I don't get it very often but when I do, wow, do I have a rough day afterwards. I don't know how people do it who have this on a regular basis. The commercial comes to mind with that illusive butterfly wafting around the ladies head...what is it, Ambien...anyway, I digress. Last time I remember rolling over for the hundreth time and looking at the clock and it was 4:30am. And I got up at 7:45am. Yikes, that's just not me. I LOVE to sleep, always have. I was one of those young people that slept in until noon if I could. Or course that all changed when my children came into my life.

So I apologize now to my boys because Mom won't be very energetic, engaging or very fun today. Bouts of television watching might be involved, probably no WWF matches before lunch, and dinner might be toasted cheese, or even better, if my lovely husband brings home take out. hint, hint, double hint, love you honey!!

I'm off to make the biggest cup of raspberry mocha that I can make...yes, I only do "foo foo" coffee. And try to muster up some energy for the day. (yawn....oh boy this is going to be a long one)....wish me luck.

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