Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fun Easter, and countdown to Mom's weekend!

Hey all, I haven't been very good at posting lately, have I? Sorry, I do apologize. As you can see by my traineo button on the right, I have gotten rid of 13 lbs as of this woooo hoooo! Looking forward to getting smaller and smaller and fitter and fitter!!

This past Easter weekend was so much fun. Ashley, Vanessa, and Chris came home and we had big family fun. Friday evening we colored eggs with the whole fam, and then as Gma watched the boys...thank you Mom...we went to X-bowl. Neon lights, loud music, the whole bit. Very fun. Chris and CJ were dukein' it out for title of supreme bowler. It was a tie. A rematch is in order, I'm sure.

Then Sunday was Easter brunch at MamaLou's house. Tons of food, of course... we made kites, hunted for eggs, and ate. Good times all the way around. There's new slide show that I've posted so you can see a pictoral recap of the whole thing.

TWO DAYS and counting until Mom's Weekend at WSU! It's gonna be off the hook! (sorry trying to get my young person lingo down so I can party with the college kids). Road trip for Marcella and I, looking forward to it very much. Alrighty that's it. Enjoy the new pics and I'll post again soon. Maybe even from the depths of the WSU campus, we'll see! kisses...

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