Tuesday, April 3, 2007

property progress, etc.

Morning! So CJ is meeting with our banker buddy today to get our construction loan paperwork started. We are so thrilled that things are finally progressing. Still waiting to get building permit approval from the County, as you can see by my counter we're 80 plus days into it. It's been a whirlwind of decisions over the last couple of weeks, lots of choices and I'm sure some of them will change, but we've got a great start.

Here's a picture of the entrance to our property, not much to see right now, looking forward to the day when we see big giant yellow diggers and excavators clearing and grading for foundation.

Updates on other things: Sequoia is back at the Vet's this morning. More tests to see what else we can do to ease her back leg pain. We're decided to enroll Ellis back into the preschool that he is currently attending, into the same schedule for the Fall as he has right now. It'll be a bit of a drive from the new property but that's ok. Both boys are suffering from allergies and/or colds, lots of yucky noses and kleenex flying around this morning. I really should have had some forethought and invested in kleenex before the boys came along, I would have made a fortune by now.

Lastly, the fam is busy getting ready for the girls and Chris to come home for Easter weekend. Lots of food involved as usual, and maybe even a bowling match that Chris and CJ have been chest thumping about...can't wait to see that! Ok I'm off to bask in the sunlight that is surprisingly streaming through my family room window. Gotta go before it disappears. kisses...

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