Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and the crowd goes wild

Woohoo! Just got a call that they are going to start clearing our property TOMORROW morning!!! Finally, something is starting. Talk about a test of patience this has been...

Memorial Day weekend was great. We had a BBQ for the birthday boys, Chris and Charlie. I'll post pictures soon. Our family has discovered WII game playing, and I have the pictures to prove it! Ashley boxing Marcella, Chris playing tennis with CJ with an intensity that just isn't natural!, and Vanessa beating Chris in bowling, go girl!...anyway I'll post them soon.

Off to skip across my kitchen floor, because our new house is finally starting!!! (crowd goes wild....fade to black....) that reminds me, has anyone been watching the new show "On the Lot"? Amateur filmmakers are in a competition to try to get a million dollar contract with Dreamworks. Great fun, although I can't stand the host...she's that was a little harsh, sorry lady.

Skipping off la la

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