Monday, May 21, 2007

monday meanderings

Morning! I've been a slacker, a whole week without a blog post. Shame, shame. OK it's Monday meanderings, and you know how this goes, a post about random stuff.

I've started an online BCC course entitled creating web pages, and I'm learning all about html...and guess what, you all will be my guinea pigs as I try out my new skills. We'll see if I can wow-a-tize my blog even more...prepare yourselves.

I also wanted to share a few of my new favorite companies...

Dry Cleaning to your Door. These guys are great. You put out a bag of dry cleaning at your front door on Monday, and by Tuesday lunch, waaalaaa, clean clothes, pressed and neatly hung back at our doorstep. Good rates too!

Adventure Dog. Local play dates for dogs! Ali is the owner of Adventure Dog and she comes once a week to pick up Indigo and Sequoia in her tricked out doggie van. She takes a group of dogs out to a big field to romp, play and socialize. Our two pooches love it and come back exhausted and happy.

Pioneer Organics. This is a local organic fruit and veggie delivery service that brings us a box full of mostly locally grown produce on a weekly basis. All great stuff and you can add things to your box online anytime you'd like.

OK, that's it for my meanderings for today...hope you all are well. Drop me a note on my chat box...over there, to the right...see it? Ok...kisses!

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