Friday, June 29, 2007

back from the beach

Hey y'all...we are back from our quick little vacation out at Long Beach! Weather was great for the first couple of days, and then the last two were rainy and cloudy. Hmmm, I'm sorry, aren't we rapidly approaching 4th of July, isn't it supposed to be hot and sunny??

We got some great shots of the boys at the beach and I'll post soon.

Oh, other big news, we bought a travel trailer so that we can live on the property while the house is being built!! I know, living in a trailer with a two toddler boys and two dogs, this is going to be one of those life experiences that we will have many tales to tell about. I just hope we can get our internet hooked up out there, otherwise I will just go crazy! I think we'll be moving into the trailer August 20th or so...

OK, off to unpack. Missed you all...ttyl

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