Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday fables

Morning! How's everyone?...feel free to say Hi on the Chat screen and let me know!

OK I have to share some cute things the boys have said this week:

E: Mom, my bum just burped!

G: La La, La La...(that's how's he's saying his brother's name right now)

E: My pee pee is growing! (4 year olds, its all about the man parts!) What am I saying, isn't it always about the man parts at any age?!!!

House Update: We should have the floors finished up by today...and next week, drum roll please, the walls and trusses are coming on site!!!
We're starting to pack everything up in the rental house so we can move in to the travel trailer...white/brown trash here we come!!! (he he)

Happy Friday everyone...kisses.

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