Thursday, August 16, 2007

count down to trailer--ville!

The RV travel trailer is being delivered to the property today!! Woohoo...the count down to white/brown trash life is on!! (teasing)...I love that we get to be there on the property and do what we can to get our beautiful new home finished as quickly as possible.

We have hired a Garden Mentor, her name is Robin and we really like her a lot. She's very knowledgeable from everything to do with plants, trees, soil, etc. all the way to animals. Which we are considering getting goats and rabbits very soon to try to hold off the weed invasion that is now happening in the back 40 since it has been cleared. Dock leaves everywhere...we might have to plant a cover crop to help out too.

Anyway, if I can I'll post some pics of the trailer on the property tonight. Little bitey living space, here we come!!

Andrew & Jo..thanks for the chit chat...I'm loving hearing from you guys, keep it up!

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