Thursday, August 30, 2007

WARNING, this post contains strong language and ill will

TO THE HILLBILLY SCHMUCKS that maliciously vandalized our beautiful new mailbox sometime within the last 24 hours, I hope that some how some way this message gets to you through this cosmic wonder of the world wide web. Listen, you stupids, we're not going anywhere, and now you have brought the wrath of yours truly upon you. This is what I wish for you.........that you get a massive speeding ticket on your way home tomorrow which results in your insurance rates skyrocketing....that your milk in your coffee curdles just from it being in the sheer presence of your unkindness, and that the one that loves your cold bitter heart suddenly sees you in your true light.

Be careful, you not-so-pretties...I will get you.

(OK, I feel better now...and we're looking into security cameras next week).

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