Tuesday, September 11, 2007

coming home

We are getting a routine down now at the Farm...did I tell you we've named the property Sage Hill Farm? I think I did...anyway, we wanted to name it and that's what we came up with.

I had a wonderful feeling of coming home, or "this is where I'm supposed to be"...moment yesterday. CJ was outside working on the shed, the boys were playing around him. I could hear their chatter through the RV window as I was cooking. It was quiet except for their sweet voices, and it felt peaceful. I was making cilantro dip, which I haven't made in forever, and something I have wonderful memories of enjoying in Michael & Jo's trailer at their vacation property in Entiat. Brought back wonderful feelings of family and home...It's amazing how much food brings on memories. Here's the recipe if anyone would like it.

Shredded Taco Blend cheese
green chillis
Zesty italian dressing

Mix all together, to your taste, serve with corn chips. Yummy summer treat. Kisses to all.

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