Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day...ummm not sure....in trailerville

Morning! Well we are at day #, I'm not sure, of living in trailville. It has its challenges living in such a mobile place. Today the issue is our black water, aka, potty tank, is full. Completely full...had to make an emergency call to the porta-potty people this morning so we can get it emptied. Oh joy. Not something I want to do...monitor my #1's and #2's so closely...but that's the life we are leading right now.

Another challenge, laundry. So the boys and I have designated Monday as our day to make the trek to the nearest laundro-mat. Which is about 15 miles away. I'm learning there's laundromat etiquette that you need to follow. Jockey-ing for position of the next open washer or dryer, while your pockets are bulging with quarters...its all very competitive...who knew?!

I also have discovered a new work out...trench digging. Yes...again, who knew?! My arms, legs and back are all very sore today from a few hours of digging trenches for our water, electrical and Cat5 lines yesterday. Lost two of the pounds that I put on last week, so not bad.

Alright off to clean dishes. Send us some dry weather thoughts, please, so we can get this house painted. Kisses....

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