Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday flash blog

quick flash blog bullets on what's going on...

- sheetrockers still haven't started...they are a week late. Some issue with insulation, inspections...come on, people, you're killin me here!

- Becca is officially a Rogers again, divorce was final today.

- Makenna Sue has a sprained ankle, she's on crutches and has a cast (oh my little princess)

- T & M set their wedding date! May 10th. Had a bit of scare cause Ashley graduates from WSU in May and we thought it was the same date...nope, upon further investigation, Ash graduates on May 3rd.

- we survived the first wind/rain storm of the season in the "plastic tube" that we currently reside in

- I have one month until people start arriving for Thanksgiving...will we make it???? help!

xoxo Happy Friday

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