Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sage Hill Farm update

Morning! Well its a balmy 34 degrees here at 10am. Everything is covered in frost including our water pipes. Yup they froze yesterday morning so no water for us until late yesterday. CJ took yet another trip to Home Depot (we should have our own private VIP entrance by now) for insulation materials.

Things are actually moving along here at the Farm over the last couple of days.

-cabinets have arrived, they are crammed in the Media Room until the sheet rockers get some walls up
-columns arrived yesterday as well
-we hired some of the construction works to put up the workshop and that's 2/3rd done, and I was right, you're going to be able to see if from space...its a monster!
-decks are on (did I tell you that already?)
-we passed fire inspection yesterday, so just waiting for the sheetrockers to get here today
-the red brick color on the house is done, just some green to finish up and then we'll be working on trim (WE LOVE IT!)

I'll post some pics soon since I haven't done that in a while. Love to all. Keep fingers crossed please! xoxoxoxox

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