Wednesday, October 24, 2007

still no sheetrockers....

Jimney Christmas, what does a girl have to do to get some walls put up around here!!!

STILL NO SHEET ROCKERS....arrgggh. Now we are two weeks behind schedule. From what I can gather we have been blessed with a sprinkler inspector that is being extremely, and unusually picky. Our builder hasn't experienced this much trouble with this particular inspection before.

So...I have cabinets arriving next week, carpet, tile and appliances ready to arrive, and no dang walls...hmmm

OK, deep breath. We might be eating a catered turkey dinner, people, while sitting on fold out chairs on plywood floors, using the honey bucket and a hose!!!

It'll happen if its supposed to, right?...maybe I should start shooting for Christmas dinner instead?!

By the way, the boys are great. Cute as ever. Garrett is saying two word sentences with an accent that sounds japanese to us. Things he is saying, "hot dog" "Ellis no" "Hi Dad" "Mom more, please"...(oh that's three words)...well anything to do with eating my boy excels. Ellis is wowing his aunty Marcy with knowing where the continents are on the globe. "Aunt Marcy, here's Australia"...true story. The Halloween Costumes are picked out. Ellis will be Superman, and Garrett a Frog. Ri-bbit, Ri-bbit.

Pray for the sprinkler gods to bless us with a OK to proceed. Cheerio!

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