Saturday, December 29, 2007

on the way to the New Year

Hi all...hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did here at the farm, the Johnson crew came out and had a great afternoon and evening together.

CJ and I have a been busily unpacking boxes and getting things installed in the house. I blishfully buzz around the house, with a whole new deep appreciation for seperate rooms, a dishwasher, and a full size shower where the water is hot and doesn't run out in just a few minutes. We're also enjoying our cooktop, and ovens. This afternoon I made sausage rolls, just because I!!

We're all settling in and looking forward to the New Year as we continue to nest. I'm thinking of planning an Open House soon, and then also celebrating little "G"s 2-1/2 year birthday in March, since we called off his 2nd birthday party...poor little guy...but we'll do it up right in March.

Be safe New Year's Eve...much love to all.

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