Thursday, January 24, 2008

interesting day...

Hey all, looks like my video link didn't work for Ellis pulling out his first baby tooth. I'll have to get some technical assistance, aka, CJ, to help me and see if we can get that up there for you...very cute, can't be missed.

We are settling in nicely into the house. We received our official occupancy permit, so we are not "squatters" any longer, and have truly started to unpack boxes and move things in from our numerous storage units. It's like Christmas opening some of these boxes that I haven't seen the contents of in two years!

Ellis had a concert tonight. Always brings a little tear to my eye to see him up there belting out a tune. He searches the crowd for his people, finds us, and grins and waves with such admiration...i love that little boy so much.

Garrett is doing very well also. He is putting together three, four and five word sentences. Very much a charmer...he's been known to run up to a perfect stranger to give them a hug, it's usually a female, little flirt! He's growing like a weed and has lost all of his baby chunkiness. He's the best hugger in the world and he has my heart.

I'm off to bed now (* yawn *)...blessings to all. More news to follow soon... xoxo

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