Monday, January 14, 2008

jan 13 stinks

OK, I'm so glad Jan 13th is stunk.

Nessa hit some ice on her drive back from Pullman, rolled her truck and her and a good family friend, ended up in hospital. Vanessa is ok, a bit bruised and battered and very upset. Kelsey who helped them out of the truck through the front windshield ended up being transported to Spokane hospital because she has fractured her neck. We are hoping and praying that she will recover soon and back on her feet.

Big sister Ash on her way back from the hospital got a ticket for speeding...not what she needed. Ellis developed stomach flu while we were traveling across the state while at Uncle Chucks...he was sobbing on the phone, I felt helpless. AND, it was freezing fog and zero visibility on the freeway coming back home.....and it was the 2nd anniversary of Michael's passing...what a sucky day...arrgggh.

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