Thursday, March 13, 2008

new pics of baby

Hi all! I had another ultrasound today for genetic testing, because I'M OLD!!! No, I don't feel old I just keep being reminded that 41 is a little advanced in age to be having new babies...oh well, do I ever follow the mould? NO!

So they did an ultrasound today measuring some key things on little baby, and all is normal and looking good. In fact baby is measuring 13 weeks instead of 12 weeks, so they might change my due date to 9/17. We'll have to see what my OB says.

Here's a new picture of our little one. Very cute profile shot, with a little hand up my its face. Baby was very active and moving all around. We'll hear more about the genetic testing of the blood work I did today next week. We are doing well so far, very excited to meet our new little one at the end of Summer. :) :) Kisses, bye!

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