Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday thoughts

So here's the picture of the day! Little G is getting big enough so he can ride on the tractor with Daddy...very exciting. And Big Brother E was kind to share the co-pilot seat with his little brother. G's giving us a thumbs up!

Other tidbits:

May is going to be a very busy month...
-Ashley GRADUATES from WSU! May 3rd
-Tim & Melissa's WEDDING May 10th
-Ashley's GRAD PARTY at the farm May 24th

We are now 18 weeks pregnant, almost half way there. We'll be having the big UltraSound on May 1st, where they check out our little baby jj again to see if he/she is growing properly. This is the appointment where we could find out what our little one's gender is...BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO! Much to Ashley and Vanessa's dismay! We want it to be a surprise. We're working on names for both boys & girls. I'm feeling much better... the morning/all day sickness has gone and no more headaches, phew! Belly is starting to pop out. Feelin' great.

We have finally made a decision with Ellis and Kindergarten in the Fall. We talked to many different people, teachers, counselors, parents and it definitely was the concensus that we should keep him in preschool one more year because he is a summer birthday boy. So he'll be back at Montessori next year, three days a week and then start Kindergarten Fall of '09.

CJ has been working hard on our new dream and hasn't been this excited over something in a long long time. We are starting a vineyard here at the farm! The name, appropriately: "The Vineyards at Sage Hill Farm" Our mantra: "Cultivating vines and friendships". It'll be a micro-vineyard where people can buy into a portion of it, and we'll help them produce their own wines! Much, much, much more to come as our new adventure progresses.

And lastly, a quote from Ellis yesterday. (setting the scene...we're on our way to swim class, he's dressed in his swim trunks)... Quote: "Mom, I like this feeling of not wearing any briefs. It feels breezy and good!"...Mom proceeds to giggle so much she almost misses the turn off.

That's it for me today...hugs to all. :)

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