Monday, June 2, 2008

weekend plus in review

So here's a summary of our weekend plus...

- CJ & I worked all weekend in the garden, finally moving my Dad's trees to our new designated orchard portion of the property, yay!! (that's been on the "list" for months!)

- we rented a rotortiller to prep the lawn areas ready for grass, but after a few passes with it over the ground, it broke our tractor... :( still no grass for us yet

- Ellis mastered riding his bike without training wheels!!!

- Garrett cut his nose on a toy truck that CJ accidentally ran over with the tractor, and before we could get it in the trash, Little G managed to fall on it and spoiled his beauty...oh dear

- Garrett pee'd and poo'd in the potty...yaay!!!

- Vanessa not even being in Denver for a week has already got two jobs and has hit the ground running...very proud!

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