Wednesday, July 23, 2008

32 weeks...thoughts

We made it to 32 weeks!!! WooHoo! Only 8 weeks to go....6 until they consider us full term. Here are a few of my thoughts on 32 weeks pregnant:

- be patient with my housekeeping: although I've never been the supreme being of clean, things don't seem to get done as fast these days. I move a lot slower and get tired quickly. So if you come over and see some dishes on the sink, just look the other way, would you?

- how are the toes? I haven't seen them in a while, so if my nail polish is chipped or I need a little a dear, and let me know, ok?

- taking a little snooze...well you'd want to get a little shut eye in the afternoon if you were GETTING UP 50 TIMES A NIGHT to go potty!!!

- fashion police, please overt your eyes: this belly of mine sticks out further every day, and things...i.e., food, drink, dirt, dog hair, seems to accumulate on "my shelf". Have mercy on the mama and let me wear the t-shirt and sweat pants cause they are whats comfortable and quite frankly, all that I can fit into!!

- last, but not least...we are SO EXCITED to meet our new little miracle Johnson. Not long now, and all bets are on whether we have sugar and spice, or puppy dog tails! We have our list of favorite names that gets consulted every day. Can't wait to see that new little face so we can know which name fits the best!!!

Everyone have a wonderful rest of your week. Kisses and love. P

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