Thursday, July 31, 2008

beginning of the traveling Johnsons

Hey we are at 33 weeks, rolling right along aren't we? Babyjj fancy's putting its little feet up into my rib cage and pushing...such a weird feeling. And I'm getting these big rolling motions as the space is getting limited in there!!

So I've decided to put a poll up on the blog so y'all can share what we think we are having...let's see who will be right! (CJ swears its a boy!!).

We're also starting the traveling Johnsons tomorrow. Well, actually we already started with Mom in Bermuda. CJ is leaving for San Diego for Navy duty tomorrow, Marcella and the girls off to Cabo (SO JEALOUS) in August also. Me, the boys and the bump are holding down the fort at home.

Alrighty, off to put my feet up. kisses!

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