Wednesday, August 27, 2008

37 weeks has arrived!

Morning! We have made it to 37 weeks...and to be quite honest I'm really ready to have this little one. My 41 year old body is now really starting to hurt with a growing baby, and I've got a cold from my beautiful boys...sniff...stuffy head, runny nose, waddling like a duck, and crying at everything...yup its time!

I'm off for my now weekly visit to my OB tomorrow...let's see if we've made any progress.

CJ is feverishly working on converting the monolithic workshop to our winery...brilliant solution on his part. Everything is there already, electric, sewer, telephone, internet. And he'll be helping with the crush and bottling at a winery in Seattle at the end of September to absorb as much information as possible. We're very excited for the future!

OK, baby JJ, if you're ready to come meet the family...let's do it! If you're not that's ok too...stay in a little longer to finish "baking". Kisses, P

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