Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday!!

WooHoo! CJ is on his way home from Active Duty in San Diego...can't wait to see that handsome face again. Aunty and the girls are on their way to Cabo and Gma is back from the Johnson's have logged a lot of mileage this week.

I'm really, I am. Baby jj is stuffed into my belly like a little sausage roll, not quite sure how baby's going to find more room to grow. It's hard to pick things up off of the floor. I sigh a little everytime I see something that needs picking up, and I contemplate..."does that really need to be retrieved right at this moment, or can I find one of my little boys to get it for me???!!!"

Hot hot hot, here today too...90 in the shade at this moment...thank goodness for air conditioning.

Alright off to count the minutes until my husband returns travels everyone.

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