Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Brooke!

Our baby girl arrived at 3:36pm on Thursday, weighing 8lbs. 4oz. 19-3/4" long. Head full of hair, and the most perfect little face you can possibly imagine! Labor and delivery were amazing, much shorter than Ellis, and much more intense too. CJ actually delivered Brooke, with the watchful eye of our OB coaching him along the way..and we both yelled as soon as we could see..."It's a Girl!". She's amazing, beautiful and perfect. Big brothers, especially Ellis are very interested in what she's doing at all times. And Ellis wants to hold her all the time. Garrett, I'm not sure he's into being kicked out of the baby roll...he'll be the baby boy forever more though so he has nothing to worry about.

We are home, getting into a routine, and I'm trying to get recovered so I can figure out how to be a mom to three small children...yikes! More pictures to follow. Thanks to all for your love and support. Kisses and cheers.

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