Monday, January 5, 2009

feeling green today

I've been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about all the "stuff" that we have accumulated over the years, and since we are getting ready to move again, its just that much more evident of how we have been top-notch consumers! I have boxes of "stuff" in our attic that I haven't touched since we moved in a year ago, and really haven't wanted for their contents...why do we have all this?!

Mike and Jerri showed us an online video about this very thing called The Story of Stuff... check it out: It's about a 20 minute movie. See what you think.

And today I did by part to reduce some waste. I get so many catalogs in the mail everyday. Some from companies that I haven't purchased from in years. To save some trees I called the customer service numbers to get our name taken off their mailing lists. It took just a few seconds for each company. How about you, how many catalogs did you get in the mail today? And they are all online anyway, right, in case you want to shop? Go ahead, save a tree today!

Much love, P

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