Monday, February 9, 2009

we cut the cord/cable today!

We are starting a new era today. CJ and I decided to cut the cord or better yet satellite cable today. We have shut off our TV service...gasp, yes, I know! We are TV watchers, especially me, its my wind-down time in the evenings after the kiddos go to bed, and we definitely have the series that we record and watch when we can. But our DirectTV bill was getting so expensive. It was in excess of $90 and that's for NO premium service whatsoever, just local and a bunch of other channels that we don't watch anyway. And, and, here's the kicker, they make you buy the boxes to unscramble the channels, plus you also pay a monthly fee to do so...WHAT?...

My tech-savvy husband has set up our large PC server now so that we will be watching over the air digital channels, and it also acts like TIVO or a DVR so we can record shows, pause, rewind, etc..And then when we want to watch movies, we can use Apple TV or Itunes, all still from the comfort of our family room! Pretty cool huh?!

I feel liberated...I'm sure we'll have a learning curve along the way, and we'll see how I handle it when I can't watch The Bachelor when I want to...but I'll be strong. And we're saving a bunch of money doing so...its all good!

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Mamato4 said...

I hear ya on the cable bill, we don't have it anymore either and I am a huge tv junkie :) We have rabbit ears for now until they switch over and then what I will do, at least the shows I like come thru on the rabbit ears enough for me to watch.