Wednesday, March 11, 2009

get your swag today!

I wanted to share about a website I found that you can earn free merchandise for using their search engine or by doing things like recycling your old cell phones or MP3 players. It's called SwagBucks. All you do is sign up using the banner below and then install the swagbucks toolbar. So when you are doing your web searches use them for a chance to win "swagbucks"! Easy huh?! And they are using Google for their search anyway, it just looks a little different. You don't "win" every time you perform a search but you get a few every once in a while. I also have turned in an old cell phone that has been sitting in my drawer for months thru them and earned 74 Swagbucks which I can redeem for gift cards, Itunes purchases, etc.! And, when you sign up thru this banner everytime you win, I win too! woohoo! Alright self-promotion over for the day. Have fun!

Search & Win

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