Friday, April 3, 2009

Thinking of what's to come

It's 11pm, and I should be going to bed, I know, but I'm not. Defiance is good sometimes, right?! No, I just am thinking about the huge changes that are about to happen to my family, and our beautiful children are really too young to understand what is about to hit them.
CJ sat Ellis down the other day and tried to explain to him that Daddy was being sent away by the Navy and he'd be gone a long time. He even showed Ellis were Iraq was on the map...since Ellis has taken a liking to looking things up on Google Earth, yeah he is 5-1/2, I know. Anyway, I think he understands a little. He has started to say things like; "Will Daddy miss my birthday...oh no, that's right he's leaving at the end of June". So I know he's starting to internalize it.
Garrett is really too little to understand the concept of time, at least the length that we are talking about. When CJ left for his Duty weekend tonight, Garrett wrapped his little arms around CJ and said; "you're leaving already Daddy...but I'm going to miss you"...oh those words just hurt. He has no idea what's coming. I'm praying with all that I have that I can be strong for my babies and help them thru this. I'm a grown woman and I'm having a hard time with it. How do I possibly explain this to them?
I did order some books that were recommended for young children of a deployed parent. They should be here next week. Maybe that'll help them talk about it, and me too, for that matter.

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