Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 1: The Pillow

Day 1...done. Ok, well, one down, a bazillion more to go, but at least it's one day closer to him coming home, right?...*sigh*.

As we left the airport, it was just me and the kids in the car, and they were unusually quiet, which gave me a moment of pause to reflect on the daunting months of being married but living single ahead of me. I felt a little like an addict. You know you always here the mantras, "One day at a time", yadda yadda...well I took it a little further. I was thinking; "Well that couple of minutes didn't feel so bad, oh, wait, those didn't feel good at all, but I made it thru them, still here, still moving forward." For right now, that's all I can do, make the best of the next ten minutes, ten hours, day and know we'll be ok. So am I saying I'm addicted to my husband, my Love...yeah I am. I have been spoiled having him right beside me all these years.

And then we came home, and sitting on my bed was "The Pillow". CJ spent most of the night last night getting his things together, and also, apparently, making this beautiful pillow case for me. He wrote the sweetest things on there...made me cry. And then as I was getting the boys ready for bed tonight, Ellis was quiet and in my room. He then came into his bedroom wiping away tears and saying how much he missed his Dad. *heart breaking* I snuggled with him and we cried together as we read what CJ had wrote. Such a sweet hearted little boy who loves his Dad so much.

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