Friday, June 5, 2009

Jess and Josh are wed!

I know its taken me a while to blog about Jessica's nuptiuals to Josh, its been CRAZY around here. Anyway, I found these pictures today, and simply love the ones of Jess! The wedding photographer was quite a stinker, in our opinion, and we didn't hardly get any shots of the ceremony or reception. But these ones I love, Jess was going down the "Soul Train" row, getting her groove on....Go Jess, Go Jess, Go Jess...

It was a beautiful day, spectacular setting right on the water...Garrett almost stole the show with his ring bearer duties. I do hope someone got that on film or video, because it was such a Garrett thing to do!

Garrett and the flower girl, Taylor, were adorable together. And CJ and I think Garrett is going to be one of those young men that has girls coming and going. He's truly a heartbreaker!

Jess and Josh congratulations...Josh, welcome to the family. Love you both! xoxo

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