Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reality Check #1: Auto Maintenance

Well....I had my first glimpse of life as a single mom this morning. Even before CJ leaving this weekend, I had a small challenge that I had to "figure it out". Had to get Ash to work this morning, packed the kids up in the truck, went to leave and the battery was dead. Uuurrggh...and CJ is doing his preliminary check in at Bremerton today for his deployment, so he wasn't around. Made me stop and really think about that I have to be able to figure these things out on my own...for, basically, the first time in my life. Before CJ, I had my Dad or brother at a phone call away, my personal auto repair people at my disposal. Or at least they could guide me thru troubleshooting the problem. But as I'm standing outside next to the truck, looking around at an empty parking lot, fussy children in the back and I couldn't find any neighbors...what to do, what to do. Anyway, end of story is a neighbor about to go for a run overheard me talking to my apartment manager and he was kind enough to jump start my truck for me. Problem solved...sort of, because do I need a new battery? Maybe...have to get it checked. Hmmmm...ok, I can do this! :)

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