Monday, July 6, 2009

give me ordinary days please

Week one, in the books. We made it...pretty unscathed, well except for the Vanessa vs. the BBQ incident, but I'll get into that in a second (tee hee).

4th of July was harder than I thought it was going to be, and I didn't mentally prepare for it. Everyone getting together with their families. It affected me way more than I thought it would. I'll know better for future holidays. And its always the smallest things that set me off fighting back the tears. This time it was the act of cleaning the grill that got me going. Silly, I know, but that's CJ's thing, that he's always done.

We did have a nice time. Gma, Mamacella, and Vanessa were here with us. We had a great bbq with fantastic food that Marcella prepared...yummy! (thanks again, sis). Nessa wanted to make smores for us, and her fire source was the BBQ. As I was feeding Miss B, she came in to ask me how to light the grill. I explained it...I thought, and off she went. Next thing I heard was an ominous "pooof"...I came out to find Vanessa cooling off her face, and inspecting her eyebrows, eyelashes and hairline in the mirror! Thank goodness she wasn't seriously hurt, and after realizing that, we all laughed, and it was such a sweet comic relief for me! We're still giving her a hard time! Lesson learned...don't let the propane build up before lighting the BBQ!

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