Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hot hot hot

I'm blogging from outside on our patio today. CJ sitting beside me (aaahhh, what a great feeling), laptops, well, on our laps. Oh how I miss the air conditioning that we were so blessed to have over the last few years. I guess that's what is called making the heart grow fonder, right?! I'll appreciate it even more when we have it again! I have a very hard time functioning in the heat, I just feel like a slug, wanting to sit in front of a fan and veg. Poor little Brooke Anne gets very warm, her little head all moist from sweat and her sweet little curls come popping out! She's wandering around the apartment in only a diaper.

Boys also have been strutting their stuff in their briefs and very tan little bodies. I'm sure pool time is on the schedule again today. Always ears listening out for the illusive ice cream lady.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our hottest day of this heat wave with Seattle hitting the 100 degree mark, which puts us out on the eastside at about 105...yikes. Just not used to this.

Keep cool everyone.

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