Thursday, July 23, 2009

thursday thoughts

Snipits from my Thursday...

- BIG NEWS!!! CJ is coming home for a mini-leave tomorrow. It's a great surprise, something to do with Navy policy on training and schedules, and length of time going to be spent overseas. Don't really care why, just thrilled he will be here!!! We're going to try to go on a date...gasp, yes! Let's see if Brooke Anne cooperates and sleeps for whomever is caring for her. I think we're going to check out The Parlor at Lincoln Towne Center, the comedy club there. It was so much fun when I went with MamaCella.

Other things of far less importance than the prior...

- apartment life, a little different than being on the property. I just walked out to give Indigo his final potty break for the night and as I was walking to his favorite wee wee place, I walked right thru a just exhaled puff of sticky icky...wth?! No one in sight, they must of just scampered round the corner or something, I got a little buzzed walking thru the haze! Didn't get that out at Sage Hill Farm!! Btw, does anyone watch "Weeds" on Showtime?! Love the show, Nancy is crazy and I always am anxious to see how she gets herself out of situations.

- I learned I can, in fact, barbeque! CJ has always done it in all our years, but I was pleasantly surprised with my ability last weekend! I did the Tyler Florence method of brining the chicken for a couple of hours first, then high heat (500+) skin down for 7 minutes, move to med heat (350) for 15 mins, then the final 15 minutes with a slathering of bbq sauce. Yummy! I think we'll have a bbq cook off this week, so I can show off my new skills to CJ!

- Finally, the babies are coming! Becca had a false alarm yesterday and she's been given the green light that if she goes into labor they won't try to stop it. Wylie is coming!!! Then Dana, Kate and Marilou are lined up behind her. I'm crocheting as fast as I can, people!

Night all. xoxo

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