Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garrett's first day of Preschool

Our favorite four year old started Preschool last week, at Creative Kids. He was so excited he couldn't stop smiling! He is one of the oldest in his class which I think will be good for him to be the big kid on campus for a change. I've already heard reports from his teachers that he is very helpful and kind towards his new friends. While lining up getting ready to go home at the end of the day the little girl standing next to him was upset and wanted to see her Mom. Garrett, being the huge hearted boy he his, put his arm around her, and told her "it's ok, it's ok". He also had no problems with me dropping him off that first day. He put his backpack on his hook, went into class, gave me a kiss and said; "Bye, Mom, love you!" Mr. Independent. ;)


Terri Troy said...

What a cheeseball grin! LOVE IT!!!

Jess said...

Mac Daddy Garrett!!!