Wednesday, September 23, 2009

germville USA

We are a pathetic bunch today. It started on Saturday with Garrett developing a fever right before Brooke's birthday party. Poor little man had to hang out in his room during the festivities. Well now we've all got it in one form or the other. Brooke and Ellis have developed fevers and coughs too, I've got a nasty head cold, you know the kind that you just want to rip your head off, scoop out all the gunk and put it back on again. Nessa is fighting something too. I'm blogging from the couch, we've all got pillows and blankets, TV on as a distraction. Grandma just came to the door to drop off some apples for us, although she didn't want to enter the "Germ Zone"...who can blame her. Urrrggh, not fun.

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