Thursday, September 3, 2009

HUGE day yesterday, Garrett turned 4 and Ellis starts 1st Grade!

Wow, I'm still recovering from yesterday. It was a gigantic day for the boys! The night before I was talking to Garrett about how when he wakes up in the morning he was going to be four, and that he'll feel different...bigger, stronger, faster, smarter. Four is magical, four is amazing. Well, it kind of back fired on me a little because after he went to bed, he came out and was concerned that he was going to wake up a giant! Oooops, sorry G.

Anyway, Wednesday morning I got up, no one else was awake yet, so I took Indigo out for a potty break, just took me a couple of minutes, I came back inside, and the house was a buzz of activity. Garrett was running up and down the hallway..."Mom, I'm four!! Mom, I'm four! Look at me, I'm bigger!"

Ellis was up also. He said he practically fell out of bed with excitement that this was the day that he got to go to FIRST GRADE....AAAAHHHHHHH! (more screaming). Sorry neighbors. Ellis was completely dressed, shoes, backpack, the whole 9 before breakfast was on the table!

Nessa, Ashley and I walked Ellis to school and he had a great first day. And he was just as excited to go for his first "full" day today.

Garrett, who had been talking about having Chinese cuisine for his birthday dinner, apparantly had confused his food types, because when I started asking him about what he wanted, and I was listing off our normal Chinese dishes, he looked at me with thoughtful eyes and said; "No, Mom, I want the rice and beans!". And then we ended up having Pizza. What can I say, the boy loves his food.

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