Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slumber sunday

It's a sleepy, slumber Sunday here at the Johnsons. There's the smell of beans cooking in the crockpot, and I have tortilla dough rising on the stove, and most of us are still in our jammies. Football is on the TV, the Broncos are not winning. The Seahawks, where'd our great team go to? I think we left them in PreSeason. The days are ticking by...the children's school schedule always keeps me on the go, I have started my online Tourism and Hospitality class, doing some logo work for a new client, and trying to get in workouts on a regular basis, OH, and finishing book 4 of the Twilight Series. Yes, I'm filling my hours.

I have been busy keeping things up to date on Facebook but have been neglecting my Blog...sorry about that. Will do better! Here's a couple of pics from recent things. The picture of Garrett is me getting carried away with the hair clippers! He calls them is "racing stripes". BFN

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