Sunday, December 6, 2009

just making it thru

There are days, like the last couple that I feel like I am literally just hanging on, making it thru. Doing what it takes to move forward. I think the winter months do that to me. I never considered myself a sun worshipper but as I get older I get a little down in the winter months. Of course, with CJ being gone it just makes it triple as hard. And Christmas just doesn't feel right at all. Haven't put the tree up yet...have put lights up on the back deck and some decorations around the apartment, so that's a start. I put the stockings up too...OK, I guess its not as bad as all that!

CJ's birthday was yesterday. He has caught up to me again...43 years young! I missed him teasing me about being the older woman for a couple of weeks at least.

He is doing fine, worked a 36 hours shift a couple of days ago...yikes, don't know how he is doing it. I hope and pray he is taking care of himself. Coffee seems to be his friend right now. He also told me last night on the phone that he is getting a sort of promotion again. CJ being CJ is doing a phenomenal job and its being noticed. Very proud of him.

Ellis had his first turn out for 1st Grade basketball yesterday. It was rough to see all the dad's bringing in their sons and made me a little sad and wanting CJ to be here for Ellis. He did really well in his first drills and made two baskets. He turned around and gave Nessa and I "thumbs up" after he made his points! Practices start with their teams in January and first game is in February. I've been looking forward to this part when the children start to play sports! I'll try to get some shots to post.

Alright, off to work on some homework and make lunch for the babies. Happy Birthday to Timothy today by the way!

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