Wednesday, December 9, 2009

running, chilly willy

I'm trying to become a runner...yes, I know pick yourselves up off of the floor. I have always aspired to be one, but never have got the knack of it. Well I think I'm getting the runner's bug. Yay! Plus, maybe I can get rid of the rest of this weight from Brooke Anne, and get to my goal before CJ returns.

So I ran 1.75 miles today, straight..woo hoo! This is an accomplishment for me since I was struggling with 0.25 miles only three weeks ago! I'm slow but steady. Hope to get up to the 3 miles soon.

It is also bitterly cold here. The boys had dentist appointments this morning and I had to pull Ellis out of school early for it. When I picked him up at was 16 degrees...holy moly!

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