Friday, February 26, 2010

CJ is home on Leave!

CJ is home on Leave, and has been since Monday the 15th! We've been basically just hanging around home, and continuing on with our normal routine of school schedules, etc. CJ's been tagging along on our shuttle drives to school and preschool. He's even come with me to the gym! Time certainly has flown by and he will be on a plane before we know it again. Brooke was so cute when she saw him at the airport. He picked her up and she was looking at him like; "I think I know you, you look familiar, like that guy in the pictures that Mommy shows me each night before I go to bed..." She'd look at CJ and then back at me with that look she has when she's not sure.

Unfortunately most of his Leave time has been taken up with worrying about his Dad who has suffered a stroke and is having problems with short term memory loss. CJ's brothers have both made their way to their Dad's side and are taking care of things. Mike is there now, and he reports that he's improving. Which is such great news! Prayers and wishes with speedy recovery going out to Dad Johnson!

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