Friday, July 16, 2010

My first 5K!

I've been so bad at posting lately, so I'm going to hit you with some quick posts to catch up a little.

First off, I think, maybe not, I might be going out of order, but anyway....I trained and ran my first 5K on 4th of July! Ashley ran with me, and we did RUN all the way. I was a turtle for most of the race, but I didn't stop, not once, which was our goal. My official results were I finished 382nd place out of 442, and 44th place in my division. The race was in Carnation and it was called the Carnation Run for Pie! And Garrett was quite disappointed that I didn't run fast enough to bring home some Remlinger Farm pie! I will do better next time, Mr. Garrett!

Felt great to actually complete a goal I had set out to do. I would like to continue to run and get to the point where I can do a 10K.

Who knew that little 'ole me, can actually run...I'm slower than slow...but I'm doing it!!!

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